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The Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe Award

The Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe Award

Nomination Process Changes Effective 1 January 2023

The Nominee must be an Active Member of the Ordnance Corps Association to receive the Samuel Sharpe Award. The Nominator can obtain the 1-Year membership on behalf of the Nominee here

Any Ordnance Corps ‘Hall of Fame’ Member or Active / Retired Ordnance General Officer can serve as the Nominator and Endorser of the Samuel Sharpe Award however; the Ordnance Corps Association Active membership rule still applies for both Nominee and Nominator.

The Nominator must: 1) Be a recipient of the Samuel Sharpe Award, and 2) Be an Active member of the Ordnance Corps Association.

The Approval Authority for the Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe Award is the Ordnance Corps Association President or his/her designated member of the Association Executive Council.

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Congratulations to the 21 and 22 Hall of Fame inductees!

16th Ordnance Battalion · 2022 Ordnance Hall of Fame was a success! Congratulations to all inducted!

The Monument is Complete

The Monument is complete, and we want to share the excitement!! Thank You all for your amazing support.


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